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About me and the blog.

This blog is dedicated to all herpetologically related subjects. Amphibians and reptiles in the news all over the world, all kind of information and alot of my own straythoughts regarding this wide subject. It will be in English, but some articles will be in Swedish.

 A little about me:

My name is Miqe Erikzén, a.k.a “Miqe Morbid” or “Morbid” on the internet. I was born 1966 in Uppsala, Sweden. I’m married to Thess since 2001 and I have a teenage daughter born 1988 from a previous marriage and a daughter born in December 2004 with Thess.

We all live in a small village right between Uppsala and Norrtalje called Knutby, Sweden.
I’ve kept herptiles since the mid-80´s, but then I didn´t keep any venomous reptiles but animals like the American Cornsnake and similar European snakes.

The European herpetofauna has always fascinated me, and the interest for this geografic group of herptiles has been growing over the years. That is probably why I also have a site dedicated to European herptiles, have a peek at Terrarium Morbidum

The interest for venomous snakes has always been there but I thought that I didn’t have the nessecary experience to keep any until late -90´s. In 1996, I got my first “hotsnake”, a Vipera aspis.

Welcome all!

Warm regards,


13 Responses to “About me and the blog.”

  1. Hi Miqe,

    My name is Mike, I’m a reptile hobbyist and owning several leopard geckos. I’m having a special website dedicated on how to take care of leopard geckos at

    I’m writing to check if you can place my leopard gecko site at your website.



  2. Miqe said

    Hi Mike..

    I have e-mailed you..


  3. Hey Mike,

    My name is Zack and my organization is releasing an amphibian and reptile dvd in June. I was hoping you may be able to link your site to ours at:

    On this page is a press release, and if you would like to publish it on your site it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Take care Mike. Great site!


  4. You might be interested in a new blog carnival called House of Herps that will be devoted exclusively the reptiles and amphibians. The first issue will come out on Dec. 18th, and I’m sure the admins would love to have one of your posts included in that issue.

  5. Sam said

    Hi first I wouldlike to say I love your blog and I find it very useful.

    I was wondering if I could ask for some advice, and I couldn’t find a place to ask a question, so..
    recently I was trekking in Nepal, and I got sick (giarddia) for most of the trip, and sliced my thumb in two with a kukri. In all it wasn’t a nice experience at all,
    I have always loved animals and wanted to be a herptologist since an early age. but this trip has put me off badly.
    also yesterday in my garden (currently in India) a snake slivered by in front of me, I think it was a Spectacled Cobra, (we’ve had them before). I couldn’t see it as it went into the bushes, so I was very scared because it moved so fast, also my friend was being silly and trying to find it saying “I’m Bear Grylls” I told him it was dangerous but he wasn’t listening.
    So in all I’ve been put off from my dreams and I was wondering if I should pursue them or not?

  6. Dear Miq,

    I would like to use these photos for my proposed short film on snakes and biodiversity for educating rural school children in India, can you help me to send on e-mail.Waiting for your reply soon.

    Prof. Dr S Bakhtiar Choudhary
    Hyderabad, India

  7. Bryan said

    Hi Miqe,

    I was hoping you would consider adding my new leopard gecko site to your blogroll. It’s still growing, but I’m looking to add all kinds of information about curing leopard gecko illnesses. It’s at


  8. […] gecko crested gecko creature Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Mexican […]

  9. Hi there,

    Similar to Bryan’s comment above, I was wondering what the chances would be of you adding my exotic pet blog to your blogroll? It’s at

    Many thanks,

  10. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading
    it, you are a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will come back
    in the future. I want to encourage that you continue your great posts, have a nice holiday weekend!

  11. Me said

    The ‘poisonous snakes’ article you had is extremely inaccurate. They are not ‘poisonous’ they are VENOMOUS, which is a HUGE difference. It would be nice if you to be better informed before further spreading the misnomer that venomous snakes are poisonous, when that’s far from the truth. Do some educated research before posting myths.

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