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Breeders’ Expo changing date and location!!

Posted by Miqe on April 25, 2010

The following message is taken from the official site of Breeders Expo Europe:


Dears visitors of the Breeders’ Expo homepage!

So far many of you came to know the BEE as a show with pleasant atmosphere and lots of friendly service and cooperation. Unfortunately I must shift the show in Duesseldorf scheduled for the 1. Mai 2010 in date and location because the respective authorities in Duesseldorf not only make it impossible to keep this tradition alive, but the constraints issued two days ago also make the show impossible looking at any aspect of common sense, economy, and also aspects of animal welfare. To hold the show despite of these constraints would mean substantial legal conflicts.

The Duesseldorf public order office has taken all measures to stop the BEE – apparently backed by the Duesseldorf political regime. In a first step the permission for the BEE unlawfully wasn’t granted. After a painful and complete defeat at the Duesseldorf administrative court the authority had to accept they must issue the permission, and as a last desperate attempt has issued these constrains which, according to veterinarians, my lawyer, some vendors and others show the following attributes:

• partly they are simply unusual for events like this and show all signs of harassment without any functional background
• partly they have no juristical fundament
• partly they contradict themselves
• partly they are simply non-dischargeable, and of course not in the narrow time frame given by the show date and some deadlines set by the authority
• partly they contradict nationally and internationally accepted and proven knowledge of practical animal welfare
• partly they reduce animal welfare aspects to absurdity
• partly they cover aspects which are simply not in my responsibility as an organizer, partly I’m not even allowed to cover these aspects
• partly they unlawfully restrict the type and extent of the show

Since the respective veterinarian for the show indicated on the phone that he’s not willing to discuss content-related aspects with me, it appears absolutely useless to convince him with arguments and facts. Obviously this was never a question of animal welfare but still is a question of rendering the show impossible via constraints and this way to find a legitimation for the unlawful behaviour which was determined by the administrative court. Any productive collaboration is made completely impossible on such a fundament.

I will possibly announce further information on the BEE homepage, further juristical steps seem possible. Due to the narrow time frame another summary proceeding at the administrative court is not promising.

I deeply regret this decision and would like to send you my apologies for any possible inconvenience you might have to face even though I am not responsible. To hold the show despite this situation would most probably mean to confront visitors and vendors with severe dangers and problems. Thanks for your cooperation.

Lutz Obelgönner

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Open for visitors: entrance from 9 to 15 hours, exhibition areas from 10 am
Open for vendors: from 6 am
Adress: Philipshalle, Siegburger Straße 51, D-40591 Düsseldorf-Oberbilk,
Accomodation: To book hotels please make use of this link and the online booking form of the city of Duesseldorf.

13. April 2010: Since his own show mid of March the organizer of another reptile show spreads the information that the BEE will not take place due to a missing permit from the City of Duesseldorf. So far I didn’t reply to this. Today I’d like to share the following facts:

1. The City of Duesseldorf indeed has refused the permit.
2. I find it quite puzzling that he, my competitor, of all people spreads the information about this decision. This allows interesting conclusions, I leave it up to you to draw them.
3. On my objection the administrative court of Duesseldorf today has decided that the respective authority has acted unlawfully and arbitrarily. The authority must issue the permit for the BEE.

In short: The BEE will take place. Details about the above mentioned court process will be kept under cover since I like to install a working cooperation between the authorities and the BEE in the future.

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