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Toads on Roads – help toads across roads in 2010

Posted by Miqe on February 8, 2010

Join in and help Amphibian and Reptile Conservation save toads as they cross roads around the UK for their spring breeding season. Sign up, become a toad-patroller and get volunteering in spring 2010…

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation is currently gearing up for its 2010 Toads on Roads campaign – our most concerted effort ever to help toads, and to find out more about their declines nationally.

Crucially though, we need you!

We need people to volunteer for Toads on Roads: help with Toads on Roads patrols, or to discover how toads are doing at sites for which we no longer have information. Sign up at

Find out more about opportunities to help amphibians and reptiles locally through ARG-UK (the national network of Amphibian and Reptile Groups) –

One Response to “Toads on Roads – help toads across roads in 2010”

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