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Second European Bombina Song Contest

Posted by Miqe on May 11, 2009

Following the success of the 2007 “European Bombina Song Contest”, the LIFE-Bombina project (LIFE 04 NAT/DE/000028) has announced a second edition for 2009.

On the 10th May, live recordings of different populations of B. bombina will be made in ponds in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Latvia and presented on the project website, where the public will be able to vote for thir favourite ‘songs’ (in a similar fashion to the popular, televised Eurovision Song Contest). Voting will possible either on the website and also on-site.

A sophisticated technical set up had to be developed in order to allow the recording and transfer of sound files from the festival locations.

The 2007 event received widespread media coverage in the participating countries, as well as elsewhere in Europe, and was reported on the main national TV news in Sweden, which won the first round.

More details on the LIFE-Bombina website. Listen to the Participants of the 2007 edition.

From Environment-LIFE

6 Responses to “Second European Bombina Song Contest”

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  3. This is a really interesting post about these fire belly toads, they would be great to keep as a pet.
    It will be interesting to see what sort of sounds thay put together from these recordings.

  4. Miqe said

    They make great pets!

    You can hear some sounds on this page:

    Just scroll down to the player and hit “play”..

  5. pet supplies these days are much higer in price, i think there is high demand for some pet supply stuffs these days “;.

  6. […] The sound of many fire-bellied toads (see also here). […]

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