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The idiot way..

Posted by Miqe on January 29, 2009

Ok..  Here´s what NOT to do..


I keep a trio ( 2.1 ) of Zamenis situla, Leopardsnake, and the female is quite big. They are housed together, fed together ( under survelliance, of course.. ) and after a meal I give the terrarium a good shower to minimize the scent from food and to “help” them get out of feedingmoode. The trio is working perfect!! So far, so good..

Z. situla female.

Z. situla female.

Now, I had hopes last year on getting some eggs and later on juveniles from them, but nothing happened. It the terrarium I have a humidity-box made of a 3 litres plasticbox..

3 litres Bra Plast-box.

3 litres Bra Plast-box.

This box have a hole cut in the lid, and is covered in a brown tape of the kind that one can use to seal a package with, just to create a dark place for shedding snakes to feel safe in. About 1 litre of damp Sphagnum sp. moss was added in it too.

I was looking in that box every now ant then, especially around the time that I thought she would to lay her eggs.. The placing of the box have been optimal for the snakes, but not for me as it was placed in the rear of the terrarium. But no eggs.. After a while I looked it the box more seldom, then I did in the beginning of the season..

Anyway.. Yesterday evening, when I was to clean the terrarium out, to re-decorate it for them for this season, I flipped the old content out, and guess what!! There they where.! The eggs… 10 good looking eggs, or at least what was left of 10 good eggs..

Lesson learned.. The hard way..

You can surley imagine all the “good” words I called myself.. I WILL place AND check that box much better this year…


5 Responses to “The idiot way..”

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  2. Robby said

    Don’t feel too bad. If it makes you feel any better, I will feel bad for you.

  3. Miqe said

    Thanks Robby!

    I will keep a closer eye on them this year, hoping to breed them instead of waisting her energy like I did..

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