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Climate threat to Nordic frogs

Posted by Miqe on January 23, 2009

Climate change is a threat to thousands of frog species all over the world, including the green spotted toad in Sweden and the pool toad in Norway. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that at least half of the world’s approximately 6,000 species are threatened with extinction.

Global warming leads to the water in which frogs live heating up, evaporating and becoming shallower, so ultraviolet rays find it easier to penetrate their habitats and cause mutations. Various forms of disease spread even more easily as temperatures rise.The Nordic countries are fighting back though, e.g. taking measures to save frogs by improving and restoring their habitats.

The outlook for the future is discussed in the latest fact sheet in the series “Nordens natur – trender mot 2010” (Nordic Nature – Trends towards 2010). The programme, which is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, aims to illustrate trends in biological diversity in the Nordic Region. The title refers to the international target of stemming negative trends in biological diversity by 2010.The series of fact sheets describe Nordic successes as well as instances where it has proven impossible to halt a negative trend.The target group is all those who have an interest in the state and future of biodiversity in the Nordic Region. Subjects covered by previous sheets include cod, currents in the Baltic Sea and the future of the polar bear and sea eagle. The editor-in-chief is based at the Finnish Environmental Administration but the project also has its own websites in Norway and Denmark.

Link to the project website. Click “English” in top right area for English version.

Nordic co-operation on the environment


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