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Amphibian Conservation Training Course at Nordens Ark 2009

Posted by Miqe on December 16, 2008

A research school at Nordens Ark in Sweden is planned for 22-29 March, 2009 aimed at advanced training in topics of amphibian biology and conservation, breeding and rearing in captivity, and linking husbandry to practical conservation in the field.

The training course is centred around the Foundation Nordens Ark at the Åby fiord in mid Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast. The school will combine seminar series of both theoretical and practical character. These will be carried out by teachers, both with a more traditional academic status, and persons with the genuine knowledge of animal husbandry, rearing in captivity, and re-introduction in the field.

The course is being jointly organised by Nordens Ark (lead partner), Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Chester Zoo.

The course will be in English and will support 20-24 amphibian curators or keepers, veterinarians and educators. We very much hope that the speakers are prepared to stay overnight on the day they give their talks, allowing the course members to discuss their subjects under more relaxed forms in the evening. Free wireless free internet is available in lecture rooms and in the hotel.

Topics covered during the course will include:

  • Biology and conservation
  • Breeding and rearing in captivity
  • Diet and nutritional requirements, production of food items
  • Managing animal health in captivity
  • Amphibian disease (infectious – non infectious diseases, assessing amphibian health, chytrid fungus,
  • Quarantine procedures and disease control (Biosecurity and AArk)
  • Linking husbandry to conservation
  • Amphibian conservation and the role of zoos
  • Marking methods
  • Re-introduction in the wild
  • Conservation work in the field

For more information or to register for the course, please contact Claes Andrén at phone +46 (0) 523 79782 or fax + 46 (0) 523 5208.

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