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Breeders’ Expo Europe

Posted by Miqe on March 30, 2008


The idea for the Breeders’ Expo Europe was born from lots of stimulation from herpers from Germany and around Europe. The fair concept reflects these suggestions in four main issues:• sufficient room for animals and people
• comfortable room climate
• user-oriented organization/reservation
• a real meeting point for herpers in Europe
The A2 Forum in Rheda-Wiedenbrück provides ideal conditions to put these ideas into action. The modern event centre integrates enough exhibition area plus other facilities and is located directly at the A2 highway in Germany, right in the heart of Europe. The fair concept includes a market place, an attractive program of lectures as well as quiet areas.
You can see our approach in the event’s logo: The BEE shall be a ‘friendly place’ allowing people to meet and exchange with their friends or business partners having a coffee or a good beer.

Facilities and equipment of the A2 Forum allow the chance to adapt to increasing needs step by step – providing room for more stands or the integration of additional program items. We are currently working on a convention for the friends of poison dart frogs, more cooperations are expected to come. Do you have an interesting idea or is your group of herpers looking for an opportunity to meet and exchange at a central European meeting place? Contact us, flexibility is part of the agenda.

By the way: This principle guides us through the organization of the whole event. For example we will separate exhibitors offering live rats or mice into an extra room to optimize the quality of air in all the other areas. A really good ventilation is standard at the A2 Forum anyway. Another plus: You can book your stands for the next expo on the day of the event. There’s no need to hassle because there’s enough room and stands for everybody. This will help especially our foreign exhibitors to reduce effort and costs alike. We strive to make your visit to the BEE as comfortable as possible and help you with every possible challenge. If we fail in some parts during the first expo your positive input will help us to improve the second time. You can leave your suggestions in writing at the information desk on the day of the event or by e-mail. The service personnel reflects exactly this approach: How can we help you to make you love to come back?

Of course an attractive event needs an attractive supply and demand alike. We are working on both aspects with full intensity and are very pleased having received bookings of a number of well known breeders from Germany and foreign countries at this early stage. You will find a list of exhibitors including their stand numbers beginning with February 2008 under Downloads.

Have you always wanted a real meeting place for you hobby? Then don’t look any further but arrange to meet with your friends at the BEE and make use of our offer. Do you have important questions not covered by the FAQ? Please ask. Do you like to link to the BEE from your web site? Under Downloads you will find the copyright-protected logo of the BEE meant to be used for exactly this purpose.

Time Author Topic
11.30 hours Karsten Wöllner Thinking big – a life with retic pythons (German, questions in English possible) hours Jason Wagner (USA) & Christian Langner Abronia – jewels of the cloud forest (English + German) hours Lars Fehlandt Ranitomeya imitator, the frog with the “mask” (German, questions in English possible) 15.30 hours Peter Nowark Practice workshop: arranging and equipping a terrarium for poison-dart frogs (German, questions in English possible) hours Thorsten Mahn Oophaga pumilio – differences between habitat and husbandry (German, questions in English possible)

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  1. Rolf said

    Here are some articles with pictures about the show

    Article 1

    Article 2 probably from a friend of the organizer as you can also find an exclusive interview with the rehda organizer on the page



  2. Rolf said


    article 2 had wrong syntax

    article 2

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