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A follow up on the Golfball-eating snake..

Posted by Miqe on January 11, 2008

Previous article here.

FOUR golf balls surgically removed from a python which swallowed them thinking they were hen eggs have been sold for $1401.

More than 500 eBay bidders from around the world were watching the auction which raised money for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s new community wildlife hospital on the Gold Coast.


The golf balls were removed from the snake last month in world first surgery after Augusta, a carpet python, slithered into a hen house for a quick snack of hens eggs and swallowed the golf balls instead.

The owner of a brood hen had put the golf balls in the hen house in a bid to encourage it to start laying.

Vets had hoped Augusta would pass the golf balls naturally but surgery was need to save the snake’s life.

The winning bidder, an Australian, takes home the four unwashed golf balls removed from the snake’s stomach and veterinary photographs and X-rays before and after the world-first surgery.

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  1. […] It should be released back into the wild in a couple of weeks. Update: here. […]

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