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Snake eats four golf balls

Posted by Miqe on January 2, 2008

(Left) The snake with its swollen body and (right) an X-ray of the golf balls in its body. (Left) The snake with its swollen body and (right) an X-ray of the golf balls in its body.

Now that’s a rough lie.

A carpet python has been operated on by Gold Coast vets to remove four golf balls from its intestine.

“People have been putting golf balls under their brooding hens pretending that they are eggs to make the chickens happy,” senior veterinarian at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Dr Michael Pyne said.

“The snake has got in thinking that he has got a free meal and swallowed up these four golf balls.”

The snake was found by residents at a house at Nobby’s Creek near Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales.

“They knew pretty quickly what was going on so they called us and we sent some wildlife officers around to pick him up,” Dr Pyne said.

“We did the surgery a couple of weeks ago and he’s doing quite well.

“During the surgery we could see the name of the golf balls through the intestine because they were so stretched from these large golf balls being in there.”

The snake – nicknamed Augustus – is currently being rehabilitated by a wildlife carer and is expected to make a full recovery.

It should be released back into the wild in a couple of weeks.

The diagnosis was made easier by the fact Currumbin Sanctuary wildlife officers had seen the same problem once before.

“That one was harder to work out because the snake just came in with these two hard lumps inside it and we didn’t know what was going on,” Dr Pyne said.
From The Sidney Morning Herald

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