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Urban Bromeliad – big jungles in small packages.

Posted by Miqe on November 14, 2007

“Morning comes and drenches the red rocks with heavy, warming light. The air is thick and hot, yet there is enough of a breeze to cause the spear grass to sway, its shadows dancing and falling with delicate intricacy onto a beautifully patterned goanna. On the other side of the glass, life in your home is going on as normal.

You see, many of us may marvel at the beauty of the reptiles and amphibians we see filmed or photographed in the wild, yet when we look to our private collections something is not quite right. It may be that the beaded texture and bold colourings of your Gila Monster’s skin look slightly less spectacular when the animal is viewed against a petshop bought “desert backdrop” through glass smeared with greasy handprints. Or maybe its that your tree frogs bright patterns clash nastily with the gaudy plastic petals of that fake plant you gave them to hide in.

At Urban Bromeliad, we believe that your herptiles deserve an enclosure which has been custom crafted into a portion of the environment they would naturally live in. We will substitute that cellophane backdrop for a unique hand crafted three dimensional hardscape in sandstone, slate, or any other rock type you wish to see. We will take away the plastic plant and replace it with unusual and beautiful plants which can even be matched to the exact geographical region your animal is from. An expert knowledge of horticulture mixed with the detailed sculpting of faux rock landscapes gives you a gargantuan range of plants and rock types which not only suit your animal geographically but aesthetically too. Taking into account the unique requirements of both the specimens and the keepers, we will present you with a well planned natural looking set up which will be enjoyed by all.”

The text above was taken from this beautifully designed homepage of Urban Bromeliad, run by Paul Batchelor. A site and onlinestore that is dedicated to orchids, succulents, creepers, ferns and other species of plants that do really well in vivariums and terrariums.

Nothing is missing here! I mentioned plants but they also have a stock of lightning, substrates, wood and wines, frogs and they also design, build and places terrariums  in corporate settings. Now that looks spectacular in a foyer, reception, retail space, or even your office. And then they handle the maintainenance of it! All one have to do really, is to enjoy the whole thing!

Think about it.. Your own little jungle.. With frogs that looks like little gems..

Here are some of the frogs:


Pictures by: Stuart Howe

The site is designed by EggMan designs , and he has done a really great job with it.

The least you can do, is to take a look and dream…

3 Responses to “Urban Bromeliad – big jungles in small packages.”

  1. Miqe said

    This is a great site for the hobbyist!! Make sure that you visit it..

  2. sumo said

    This guy is a scammer, just google paul batchelor urban bromeliad and see all the posts that come up about him ripping people off in the uk,usa and germany. heres a link to start you.

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    […]Urban Bromeliad – big jungles in small packages. « The herptile blog.[…]…

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