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Six-legged frog is star attraction

Posted by Miqe on November 12, 2007

A restaurant in Quanzhou city, China, has found a six-legged frog /Lu Feng

A Chinese restaurant has found a six-legged frog – and is keeping it to attract diners.

The frog is on display in a glass tank at the restaurant in Quanzhou city, reports People’s Daily.

“I bought more than 5 kilos of frogs from the market the other day, and upon coming back found that one of them has six legs,” says chef Xiao Song.

The frog has two extra legs on the front left side which, according to waiters, means that it has a lopsided hop.

Experts at the local forestry department say the extra legs were most likely caused by genetic mutation.

From Ananova

2 Responses to “Six-legged frog is star attraction”

  1. mon@rch said

    Interesting genetic mutated frog!

  2. Miqe said

    It is, isn´t it..

    Too bad it ended up where it did, and the way it did it..

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