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Toads on the Rebound

Posted by Miqe on April 21, 2007


A Wyoming toad, photographed at the Central Park Zoo

One of the most endangered amphibians in North America, the Wyoming toad has undergone an intensive captive breeding program, where toads are raised in zoos and released into Wyoming’s Laramie basin, where they were discovered in the 1940s. 

During the 1970s and ‘80s, the toad disappeared from its already limited range, succumbing to threats such as toxic pesticides, habitat degradation, and disease.  To reestablish the wild population, more than 50,000 toads, raised in captivity by ten zoos, have been successfully released.

From Live Science

2 Responses to “Toads on the Rebound”

  1. mon@rch said

    I think it is great these toads are making a come back!

  2. Miqe said


    Me too.. I have a softspot for toads.

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