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NSW toad culls spark fears for frogs

Posted by Miqe on April 6, 2007

The New South Wales environment authority is worried that over-zealous toad-busters may be killing native frogs after mistaking them for young cane toads.

Cane toads are already well-established on the New South Wales north coast and one was also found in a western Sydney backyard this week.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service says the community needs to be vigilant in helping to stop further southerly incursions by the pest species.

But environment officer John Dengate says people should be sure they have got the right creature before doing anything drastic.

“A big toad is a pretty distinctive critter – it’s got those poison glands on its neck, it’s got bony ridges going from each eye down to its nose, and it’s got that really warty skin,” he said.

“But small ones can be quite a challenge and there are certainly some native frogs that look a bit like toads.

“It would be really awful if people despatched native animals thinking that they were cane toads.

“So if you see a cane toad we want people to basically capture it, have a look at our website or other information, and see if they think it is a cane toad.

“If you’re still not sure, ring us up or bring it into a national parks office.”

 From ABC

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Pleasant Grove City Says ‘No’ To Snake Farm

Posted by Miqe on April 6, 2007

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah City leaders won’t allow the breeding of ball pythons as a home-based business.

James and Pamela Cantrell want to raise snakes at home, but council members said no in a 4-1 vote Tuesday.

Some critics said they were concerned about property values in the Utah County community. Others mentioned odor and waste.

“This should be in a farm area,” resident Melanie Aird said.

Carl Clark, whose son lives in the neighborhood, raised the issue of accountability.

“I’ve raised a lot of animals in my life. No matter how hard you try, they escape. Who will be responsible?” he said.

The Cantrells wanted to have 50 breeder snakes, each housed in individual bins in one room of their home.

“We don’t know what we’ll do now,” James Cantrell said.

From kutv

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