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Linkdirectory for all herptilerelated sites.

Posted by Miqe on April 5, 2007

I have just launched a Herpetological linkdirectory for all sites with a herpetological content.

ALL sites are handled/submitted manually, to prevent spammers and non-serious sites.

 Welcome to submit your site!

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For this man, reptiles are staple diet

Posted by Miqe on April 5, 2007

New Delhi: For 28 year-old Uttam Das a resident of Jorhat in Upper Asom blades, arachnids, tubelights, bricks, snails, cobras, cockroach, lizards, compact discs and rats form an integral part of his daily diet.

Das felt unconscious for some hours after he devoured a live lizard when he was 16.

DAILY DIET: Das felt unconscious for some hours after he devoured a live lizard when he was 16.


Das swallowed four live arachnids, some lizards and gobbled five blades, a part of a tubelight, a brick and two frogs during a show near Nehru Park in Jorhat on Tuesday evening.

People who gathered to witness the feat shrieked and squealed while some even turned the other way.

He had even a brought a king cobra to eat, but unfortunately it died on the way.


”I have been eating these materials and reptiles since I was in class X. Now it is such, that a day is not complete if I don’t munch some arachnids and chomp a few cockroaches,” Das said after the show.

Popularly known as Raju, Das said he fell unconscious for some hours after he ‘devoured’ his first uncanny dish, a live lizard, when he was 16 years of age.

Since then there has been no abnormalities in his health, Dr Kamala Saikia, who examined him recently, said.

This is not all. Das has more incredible stunts to his name. He can ride a motorcycle with his eyes closed, jump into a 20 ft pond from a height of 100 ft and even set himself on fire for a few seconds.

Son of Sarbeshwar Das of Baihata Chariali in Sonitput district, Das, who tied the nuptial knot about two-and-half-years back, wishes to compete in Zee TV’s Sabaash India show and then page himself in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Astounding as it may sound, his 14-month-old daughter Monalisha appears to be on track to surpass her father’s stunts. Besides milk, the child eats leaves of plant and trees only.


”She eats nothing else, just green leaves of plants and trees apart from her mother’s milk,” the ‘proud’ father said.

From IBN

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Rare Snake Bites Dog

Posted by Miqe on April 5, 2007

PRAIRIE GROVE, Ill. (AP) — A dog in northern Illinois has discovered an extremely rare rattlesnake.

A yellow Lab named Whoop was bitten on the stomach by an Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake in Prairie Grove. The veterinarian examining the dog discovered a golf-ball-sized lump on the dog’s left side late last week.

Scott Ballard is a biologist for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He says the Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake is critically endangered and lives in wet grassy fields.

Ballard says the snake has struggled to survive as fields are filled in for farmland or development.

It generally isn’t an aggressive snake.

The dog’s owner Chris Frye says Whoop is recovering. Whoop spent one night hooked up to an I-V and he’s now taking antibiotics and a painkiller.


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Five-legged frogs baffle British

Posted by Miqe on April 5, 2007


PETERBOROUGH, England, April 4 (UPI) — Scientists in England are trying to determine why some frogs in a river in Peterborough have five legs, the first known occurrence in Britain.

The discovery was made by naturalist Sharon Harris, who said she also spotted one frog with only three legs, the Peterborough Evening Telegraph reported.

“I was amazed to see them swimming about,” Harris said. “They are fully grown, but they’ve got extra limbs growing out their legs.”

She contacted the Natural England environmental agency, and amphibian expert Jim Foster inspected the frogs. He said similar cases had been reported in the United States.

“It’s hard to say why it’s happened, but scientists in the U.S. say this type of limb deformity is caused by a parasite, which invades the frogspawn and disrupts normal growth patterns,” Foster said.

Environment Agency spokesman Mansai Tang had another theory about the three-legged hoppers.

“One of the reasons for the smaller, or missing limbs, could be as a result of the warm temperatures we had this winter, leading to tadpoles hatching early,” she said.

From ScienceDaily

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Venomous snakes missing. (Article in Swedish)

Posted by Miqe on April 5, 2007

PÅ RYMMEN Sex livsfarliga kobror har försvunnit från ägaren i Berghem utanför Borås. Ormen på bilden är en annan kobra.


Giftormar saknas nära Borås

Polisen: Vi utgår från att de stulits

Polisen hoppas att någon stulit ormarna.
  Alternativet är att sex dödligt giftiga kobror tagit sig ut och nu slingrar fritt någonstans i Västergötland.
  Ägaren har tidigare skadats svårt då han blev biten när han gjorde ren djurens bur.

   Det handlar om sex kobror, två 120 centimeter långa och två cirka 70 centimeter långa.
  Enligt polisen har ägaren anmält att de stulits från sina terrarier nära Kinna utanför Borås.
  – Det kom in till polisen igår kväll. Han bor i en villa och i en bod utanför huset förvarades ormarna, säger Mona Nordberg vid polisen i Västra Götaland.
  Samtliga kobror är av typen monokelkobror och dödar med nervgift som är livsfarligt även för människor.
  – Det handlar om sex kobror av två olika typer. Och alla är ordentligt giftiga, säger Nordberg.
  Polisen hade ännu på onsdagen inga spår efter ormarna.
  För säkerhets skull har man varnat lokalbefolkningen via radion.
  – Men vi utgår från att de är stulna. Det finns inga tecken på att de tagit sig ut själva. Men vi vet inte om någon tagit dem och sedan släppt ut dem eller om tjuven tagit dem med sig, säger Norberg.
  Enligt ägaren är ormarna värda drygt 20 000 kronor tillsammans.
  Polisen har inlett en förundersökning kring fallet och hoppas kunna identifiera tjuven eller tjuvarna.
  Förutom de sex försvunna monokelkobrorna äger mannen ytterligare åtta giftormar, som bor kvar.
  Han blev för ett par år sedan svårt skadad då han blev biten i handen av en kobra då han skulle göra rent terrariet.

From Aftonbladet

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