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Hibernating ending..

Posted by Miqe on March 29, 2007

Yesterday, I started to take some of my animals out of hibernation. I have had them all in a separate refridgerator in my garage, with temperatures ranging from +6,0 degrees Celcius to +7,5 degrees Celcius.

Started to tkae the male vipers out and some of the lizards, putting them on the garagefloor for a couple of days in a temperature of roughly +12 degrees Celcius – +15 degrees Celcius. This is to prevent the animals dying from a heatchock.

So, I will be busy this coming weekend, decorating terrariums for them. This is one of the pleasures in herptilekeeping, at least for me..


2 Responses to “Hibernating ending..”

  1. mon@rch said

    LOL, should be a good time for them out and about! 🙂

  2. Miqe said

    🙂 Well.. Yes..

    I was kind of late putting them all down in hibernation, so..

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