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Here´s some thoughts about my Vipera a. ammodytes..

Posted by Miqe on March 7, 2007

As some of you do not know  the story of “Zok“, I will now tell you all about it..

It began with two animals with (for the location) a normal coloration and pattern, a female and a male. They mated, and a whole pile of babies came out in June 2001. All looking as their parents, except for……. Zok. He was totally different in both coloration and pattern. A lot darker and with a broader zigzag-band.

 I have fed him and seeing him grow over the years. Getting more beautiful by every skin he shed.

Last year I thought that he was old enough to be a father, so I put him with the female that I wanted him to mate with toghether with the gray male (i.e he´s dad..) in a terrarium. And sat down to wait..

It took about 20-30 minutes, and the males started to wrestle (middle movieclip..) eachother as the are supposed to do. After letting them fight for an hour or so, I took out the gray male, as he was no supposed to be the “champ” this time. Zok then started to look around for the female. I left them to their business. Later on that evening, I looked into the terrarium and they was attatched to each other.

After a week or so I separated Zok from the female, so that I had two females in one terrarium and two males in another. As time went, the yellow female started to grow, she was definetley gravid! Yayy!! In july 2006, 13 small vipers came out. Here´s a link to some birthpictures and pictures of all the small.. Piclink

This year I will try to breed Zok with he´s mother, to see how the whole color/pattern thing acts then. I am trying to find out how it works with the genes..

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