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First post!!

Posted by Miqe on February 27, 2007


Here´s the deal..

I have been looking around the internet for blogs about the big interest of mine. Herptiles!! Now, herptiles is the word that combines the categories reptiles and amphibians.

As I tried to find any blogs regarding this wide subject, the thought of starting my own sprung to mind. Anyhow, I did not find many blogs, so this was created.

3 Responses to “First post!!”

  1. mon@rch said

    Welcome to the blog world and I find your sight to be a great one!! I plan on visiting more often (added you to my RSS feeds)!

  2. Miqe said

    Thanks, thanks and thank you again!

    It is not easy to really knowing what to write about, since I do not know what people like to read about.. But, I think that I will manage.. =)

    If you know any other good blogs in my “area”, please tell me.


  3. outdoors said

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