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Posted by Miqe on June 26, 2012

I am cutting back on reptiles and amphibians, so therefore I am putting the following up for sale:

0.1 V. a. ammodytes Cb:- 10, Loc: Körita, Bosnia
Price: €65



2.0 Zamenis situla, Leopardsnake Cb: – 10, Loc: Peloponnese, Greece. € 120/animal.
8.0 Zamenis situla, Leopardsnake Cb: – 11, Loc: Peloponnese, Greece. € 80/animal.
1.1 Zamenis situla, Leopardsnake Cb: – 03, Loc: Peloponnese, Greece. € 300/pair. Proven breederpair, with a female that often lays double clutches every eyear, clutches containing 8 – 11 eggs.

Picture above is showing one terrarium each of the following:

2 terrariums measuring:
Depth = 48 cm´s
Hight = 41 cm´s
Length/With = 88 cm´s.

2 terrariums with cork on the inside ( backwall and sides ) measuring:
Depht = 50 cm´s
Hight = 40 cm´s
Length/With = 80 cm´s

Price: €55/each.

All with the handmade heatprotectors shown in the picture below.
All terrariums are made out of aluminiumframes with aluminiumfloor, two with aluminium backwall.

Heatprotector. Fits with GU 3,5 Halogenelights.

For venomous snakes: Minimum age 18 years. Make sure that you can leave good references, if I don´t know you!
All animals will be delivered to the Terraristika in Hamm, or may be pick-uped at my place.

All animals are delivered with the neccesary legal documents.


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The Sticky Tongue Project + BERUS Herp Magazine = Love..

Posted by Miqe on April 11, 2012

Taken from The Sticky Tongue Project-site:

The Sticky Tongue Project has now teamed up with BERUS Herp Magazine!

BERUS magazine is published by Mr Leif Westrin and Mr Pierre von Rahmel.

“The aims of the the paper are to promote a greater understanding for amphibians and reptiles in nature and in terrarium environments; to encourage research; to stimulate the development of sound and  healthy techniques to maintain and propagate amphibians and reptiles in captivity, and to initiate and support measures to protect threatened species.

This digitally paper is religiously and politically independent, as well as noncommercial.

Foreign authors are welcome to contribute with articles in the English language. Our goal is to make the magazine more international and not just in Swedish. We warmly welcome more articles in the English language so that our magazine can be read by all animals and nature lovers around the world.”

You can check out their website here:

Download the latest issue here:

You can also find them on Facebook:


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Symposium Norrköping, Sweden 2011.

Posted by Miqe on November 9, 2011

The yearly Norrköping Symposium is coming up soon.. Really soon..

If you haven´t booked yet, DO so NOW!!

Program SYMPOSIUM 2011 (In English below.)

Lördag 12 november

09,00                   Ackreditering Symposium

Fika med kaffe o fralla

09,30                   Presentation av föreläsare

09,45                   Föredrag 1

Föreläsare David Williams, Papua Nya Guinea

En dålig dag på kontoret

10,30                   Paus

10,40                   Föredrag 2

Föreläsare Mark O´Shea, England

Herpetologiskt uppdrag i Timor-Lester

11,40                   VIP-besök ALBA EXPO

12,00-13,30         Lunch

12,00-16,00         ALBA EXPO

15,30                   Fika med traditionell Äppelpaj med vaniljsås

16,00                   Föredrag 3

Föreläsare Wolfgang Wuster, England

Varför gift? Ursprung och utveckling av ormgifter
samt konsekvenser av att hålla colubrider i

16,45                   Föredrag 4

Föreläsare David Williams, Papua nya Guinea


17,30                   Paus

17,45                   Föredrag 5

Föreläsare Mark O´Shea, Enland

Arabiska nätter

18,30                   Slut på dagens föredrag



19,30                   Kvällsarrangemanget öppnar med mingel

20,30                   Underhållning av och med föreläsarna

21,00                   Middag

23,00                   Kvällsarrangemang slutar


Söndag 13 november

09,00                   Föredrag 6

Föreläsare Wolfgang Wuster, England

Inga huggtänder –  inget kul. Ormgiftets utveckling.

09,45                   Paus

10,50                   Föredrag 7

Föreläsare David Williams, Papua Nya Guinea

Mördaren i Kunai

10,35                   Paus med fika

10,50                   Föredrag 8

Föreläsare Mark O´Shea, England

Reptilkonst i miniatyr

11,30                   Paus

11,40                   Föredrag 9

Föreläsare Wolfgang Wuster, England

Kobror, huggormar och andra fjälliga saker;
fältherpetologi i Sydafrika.


12,20                   Föredrag 10

Föreläsare David Williams, Papua Nya Guinea

Att tänka utöver det vanliga…


13,00                  Avslut Symposium 2011 med efterföljande lunch


Saturday November 12

09,00                  Ackreditation Symposium

Coffee and a light sandwich.

09,30                   Presentations of lectureholders.

09,45                   Lecture 1

David Williams, Papua Nya Guinea

A bad day at the office

10,30                   Paus

10,40                   Lecture 2

Mark O´Shea, England

Herpetological mission Timor-Lester

11,40                   VIP-visit ALBA EXPO

12,00-13,30         Lunch

12,00-16,00         ALBA EXPO

15,30                   Coffee with traditional Applepie with vanillasauce.

16,00                   Lecture 3

Wolfgang Wuster, England

Why venom? Origin and developement of snakevenoms and the consequenses of keeping colubrids in captivity.

16,45                  Lecture 4

David Williams, Papua nya Guinea

The antivenomhelp

17,30                   Paus

17,45                   Lecture 5

Mark O´Shea, Enland

Arabic nights

18,30                   End of lectures for the day.


19,30                   Eveningarrangements opens with mingeling.

20,30                   Entertainment of and with the lectureholders.

21,00                   Dinner

23,00                   Eveningarrangements ending.

Sunday november 13

09,00                   Lecture 6

Wolfgang Wuster, England

No fangs – no fun. Developement of  the snakevenom.

09,45                   Paus

10,50                   Lecture 7

David Williams, Papua Nya Guinea

The killer in Kunai

10,35                   Paus with coffee

10,50                   Lecture 8

Mark O´Shea, England

Miniature reptileart

11,30                   Paus

11,40                   Lecture 9

Wolfgang Wuster, England

Cobras, vipers and other scaly things; fieldherpetology in Southafrica.


12,20                   Lecture 10

David Williams, Papua Nya Guinea

To think beyond the ordinary…


13,00                  End symposium 2011 with lunch


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Froglovers everywhere! Join Global Amphibian Blitz, now!!

Posted by Miqe on May 25, 2011

Amphibians around the world are disappearing. Recent estimates suggest that nearly one-third (32%) or about 2,000 species of this unique group of animals is threatened with extinction. Nearly 168 species are thought to have gone extinct in the last two decades. With increasing land-use and climate change around the world, these trends are likely to worsen. To better understand and conserve these diverse and fascinating creatures, scientists urgently need information on where amphibians persist.

To collect this information, we need your help. Today, AmphibiaWeb, the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Center for Biological Diversity, the IUCN/SSC Amphibian Specialist Group, and Amphibian Ark are launching the Global Amphibian Blitz. Visit to contribute your observations of amphibians along with the dates and locations where you observed them, anywhere in the world. You can even upload a photo of the species with your observation, or link to a photo on your Flickr or Picassa pages. If you’re unsure which species you’ve seen, mark them as ‘ID Please!’ and our team of expert curators will help you with your identification. Watch this short video for more information.

Together, through the cooperation of scientists and amateur naturalists from around the globe, let’s census the world’s amphibians to discover which species are still here and where they persist. Let’s find every one!

How can I contribute my observations?
Watch our YouTube video to get started or follow these four easy steps:

  1. Visit and click ‘Add observations’.
  2. Log in to iNaturalist – the engine behind the Global Amphibian Blitz – with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account.
  3. Upload your amphibian photo from your hard-disk or link to your photo that’s already on Flickr or Picassa.
  4. Add a date, geographic coordinates, and the best identification you can and click ‘’Save observation’.

    Photo: Robert Hill

How else can I get involved?
In addition to contributing your own observations, if you know something about amphibians in a certain part of the world, you can help identify other’s observations. If you are an amphibian expert and would like to sign on as a curator, contact You can also help by telling your friends about the Blitz or spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Picassa.

How can do I keep track of updates?
Check back regularly to see how the Blitz is progressing, receive updates from curators, and compare your contributions with others. You can also follow the Global Amphibian Blitz Blog where we will report any particularly unusual observations.

What about threatened species?
For contributions identified as a threatened species according to the IUCN Red-List, the public coordinates will be obscured by about 5 kilometers to discourage those who would seek to exploit rare species.

What taxonomy are you using?
The Global Amphibian Blitz uses the checklist of species from Amphibiaweb which is updated weekly with newly described species. We use the taxonomy of the Amphibian Species of the World to group these species into families and genera.

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Posted by Miqe on December 14, 2010

Taken from a letter from “HerpDigest“, the Only Free Electronic Newsletter
Reporting On The Latest News on
Reptile and Amphibian Science and Conservation.



BEAUTIFUL LIFELIKE ART MAGNETS. (Half of these were never offered before)




If you would like to see how a specific one looks like, I will send a jpg directly to you.
All are reproductions of full color line drawings, rectangular, 2.5″ x 3.5” with a metal shell, mylar/UV protecting cover and flat magnetic back. Brand New.




Blanding’s Turtle
Eastern Box Turtle
Ornate Box Turtle
Three-toed Box Turtle
Ornate Diamondback Terrapin
Eastern Painted Turtle
Western Painted Turtle
Southern Painted Turtle
Wood Turtle
Western Pond Turtle
Red-eared Slider
Chinese Box Turtle (Curoa flavomarginata)
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Florida Cooter
Matamata Turtle
Spotted Turtle

Galapagos Tortoise
Aldabra Tortoise
African Spurred Tortoise
Leopard Tortoise
Radiated Tortoise
Gopher Tortoise
Red-Footed Tortoise
Desert Tortoise
Indian Star Tortoise

Green Sea Turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Corn Snake
Emerald Boa
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Mountain Kingsnake
California Kingsnake
Burmese Python
Brazilian Rainbow Boa


Texas Horned Lizard
Panther Chameleon
Jackson’s Chameleon
Green Iguana
Collared Lizard
Bearded Dragon
Coastal Horned Lizard
Gila Monster
Mexican Beaded Lizard

Banded Knob-Tailed Gecko
Crested Gecko
Desert Banded Gecko
Flying Gecko
Giant Day Gecko Art
Leopard Gecko
Rough Knob-Tailed Gecko
Tokay Gecko

Tiger Salamander
California Newt
Fires Salamander

Red-eyed Tree Frog
Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
Red-Headed Poison Dart Frog
Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog
Granular Poison Dart Frog
Green & Black Poison Dart Frog
Wallace’s Flying Frog
Tiger Striped Leaf Frog
Painted Mantella
American Toad
Fire-Bellied Toad
Dyeing Poison Dart Frog
Blue Poison Dart Frog
Yellow Banded Poison Dart Frog
Panamanian Golden Frog
Borneo Red Flying Frog
California Red-Legged Frog
Norther Leopard Frog
Ornate Frog or Argentine Horn Frog or Known as Pac-Man Frog in Trade

Black Widow Spider
Mexican Red Kneed Tarantula
Rose Haired Tarantula

Praying Mantis
Lady Bug Beetle
Goliath Bettle
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Blue Morpho Butterfly
Cardinal Meadowland Dragonfly

The above list is of all the magnets currently for sale by Herpdigest, the weekly e-zine reporting on the latest conservation and scientific news on reptiles and amphibians. All proceeds go HerpDigest, a non-profit publication, to keep it: alive, free, and independent, of any government’s, non-profit organization’s, or people working in the herp industry’s agendas.

The magnets are shipped First Class USPS.

If you want these for the holidays, get your order in now. IF WE DON’T HAVE YOUR ORDER IN BY DEC 15, WE CAN’T GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL ARRIVE BY CHRISTMAS. Christmas week maybe.

Interested in Bird (Raptors to Penguins), Land and Marine Mammal, Octopus, Fish, Sharks, Rays, Dinosaur, Extinct or Endangered Animals from all over the world (Australia, Rainforest, the Arctic). Email us for a list of one or two of these categories. Supply of these are very low.

$13.99 each plus $6.00 for S&H for first one add $2.00 for each additional calendar.


If you need your magnets by Christmas, you must order them by December 10th through PayPal, our account is,

Or by credit card: email us your card number, (MASTER, VISA, DISCOVER OR AMEX)expiration date, the CVV-3 numbers on back of card, billing address for card, and shipping address if different. .

By Phone – You can order with credit cards by phone 1-718-275-2190. 9-5 EST. Any day of week. If out leave message we will get back to you as soon as we can.

To order by check, make the check out to Herpdigest and send it to Herpdigest/c/o Allen Salzberg/67-87 Booth Street –5B/Forest Hills, NY 11375

Happy Holidays to All.

And In Advance I Would Like to Thank You For Your Help In Keeping HerpDigest Alive These Past Ten plus Years.

Allen Salzberg

P.S. Overseas orders, (Yes that still includes Canada) email us first for shipping costs.”


Here is a link if you want to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Introducing The Build A Frog Pond Contest!

Posted by Miqe on October 12, 2010

Introducing The Build A Frog Pond Contest!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Habitat destruction is the number one cause of amphibian extinctions worldwide. Fortunately, homeowners and schools can help create new habitat for frogs! Building a backyard frog pond is a great way to give your local frog populations a boost.

The SAVE THE FROGS! Build A Frog Pond Contest invites schools and homeowners to build frog ponds on their property and document the project and its successes through video, photos and stories, which will be posted online to educate and inspire others to do the same. With your help we can cover the globe with frog habitat and fill the night air with the soothing sounds of frog calls. And of course there are great prizes for the winning school and the winning homeowner!!! The contest closes May 15, 2011, so start digging! Good luck!


Brand New Webpage for Scientists!

Scientists can help SAVE THE FROGS! We’ve added a thorough list of ideas to our brand new Scientists For Frogs webpage. Please be sure to forward the URL (and this newsletter) to your colleagues and grad students!


The endangered species Gastrotheca cornuta.



Brand New Webpage on Ranaviruses

You may have thought that chytridiomycosis was the only disease amphibians have to worry about…not so! Ranaviruses have been causing amphibian populations trouble for decades. Learn all about Ranaviruses on this brand new SAVE THE FROGS! webpage, created courtesy of Dr. Amanda Duffus.


Breanna’s Run For The Frogs

On October 16th, long-time SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Breanna Binder will run the 26.2 mile Baltimore Marathon in hopes of raising awareness about amphibian conservation and environmental education. Breanna’s goal is to raise $500 dollars for SAVE THE FROGS!

“I’m asking you to make a generous, tax-deductible donation to enable our future generations the chance to become informed citizens. Thank you for your support!”
— Breanna

Breanna has already raised $115 for SAVE THE FROGS!
Can you donate $26 and help her reach her goal?

Please donate at


Breanna Binder



SAVE THE FROGS! on Martha Stewart Radio

On Save The Frogs Day, I was a guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius 112/XM 157). Maggie Mistal, host of “Making a Living with Maggie” interviewed me about ways to focus one’s career on a cause or passion. CNN has called Maggie one of the nation’s best known career coaches.

Listen to the interview here.


Volunteers Needed!

SAVE THE FROGS! is powered by volunteers, and we have lots of ideas on ways anybody can help out! Please have a look at our newly updated Volunteers Page, complete with job descriptions and ideas on how anybody can help out. Whether you’re 7 or 70; a teacher, website developer, businessman, marketer, scientist, filmmaker, event coordinator,
publicist, graphic designer or couch potato; whether you’re into education, outreach, advocacy, research, business, or helping out in the office, we can find a way for you to help out!


Saving The Frogs in Sacramento

SAVE THE FROGS! added a touch of amphibia to the Sacramento Reptile Show two weekends ago. Thanks to all the people who came by our table and saw my presentation!

And thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteers Michael and Brijesh…

Michael and Brijesh

That’s me teaching the crowd how to SAVE THE FROGS!

A little fan…

Four new supporters in their awesome 100% organic cotton t-shirts.

Frog Artist of the Week


Congratulations to 13 year old Elizabeth Tsang, our Frog Artist of the Week! Remember that the 2nd Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest ends October 15th, so please submit your coolest frog art soon!

Frog Art Tsang

Thanks for your support!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist


Frog Gifts

SAVE THE FROGS! is America’s first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
Please donate at
You can write to us at 303 Potrero Street #51, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA.

To sign up for this newsletter, please visit

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Symposium 2010 13-14 november, Norrköping Sweden

Posted by Miqe on September 29, 2010

Årets Symposium i Norrköping, som är det 19:e i ordningen kommer arrangeras i lokalen Borgen  i Norrköping.
Det blir 10 stycken föredrag under symposiumet, ett kvällsarrangemang på lördagskvällen och ett Expo under lördagen. 
Vi har i år ett mycket bra startfält av föreläsare. Vi har Stephen Spawls, Andreas Gumprecht och Daniel Bennett.

Stephen Spawls, England. Stephen kommer prata om Afrikas reptiler under tre föredrag:

1.   Afrikanska herpetologiska äventyr.
2.   Afrikas reptilfauna; en överblick.
3.   Nordöstra Afrikas herpetofauna. 

Andreas Gumprecht, Tyskland. Andreas kommer prata om Asiatiska ormar under tre föredrag:

1.  Varan-ön. En resa till Ko Rak, i södra Thailand med information om Ko Lanta’s herpetologi.
2.  Fältherpetologi i Sydostasien.
3.  Den vanliga paddan, Bufo melanostictus, nästa stora område inom terrarie-rörelsen?

Daniel Bennett, England. Daniel kommer prata om varaner under tre föredrag:

1. De fruktätande varanerna i Filippinerna.

2. Ett decennium med bevarande-arbete i den dipterocarpa skogen på Polillo-ön; Var det värt det?
3. Sanningen runt stäppvaranen, Varanus exanthematicus. 


This years symposium in Norrköping is the 19:th in a row and will be arranged in Borgen in Norrköping. 10 lectures will be held during the symposium, one eveningarrangement on saturdays evening and ond fair during the saturday.

This years startingfield of lectureholders are just as good as it allways is. We will be guested by Stephen Spawls, Andreas Gumprecht and Daniel Bennett.

Stephen Spawls, England.

1.  Adventures in African herpetology.
  The reptile fauna of Africa; an overview.
3.  The herpetofauna of northeastern Africa

Andreas Gumprecht, Germany.

1.  The monitor Island. A journey to Ko Rok, South Thailand with addtional notes to the herpetology of Ko Lanta.
2.  Field herpetology in Southeast Asia.
3.  The common Toad Bufo melanostictus to be the next big thing in the terraristic movement?

 Daniel Bennett, England.

1. The fruit-eating monitor lizards of the Philippine Islands.

2. A decade of conservation efforts in the lowland dipterocarp forest of Polillo Island; was it worth it?

3. The truth about the savannah monitior lizard, Varanus exanthematicus.

Want to read more?? Here is a link to Tropikföreningen Alba

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Slo Exo 2010

Posted by Miqe on September 25, 2010

Is presenting you the first Slovenian Exotic Animals selling exhibition!!



Because every day increasing demand for exotic animals specially reptiles, we decided to bring Expo fair to peoples. Everyone can get there informations, exotic animals and equipment at one place directly from breeder or seller. This is the first exotic animal Expo in Slovenija. We hope that a lot of different breaders from Europe will come. First time you will get better information, lower prices and a lot of variety at one place.



Dunajska cesta 18

Name of place: Gospodarsko razstavišče Ljubljana – Parking

Adress of place: 1000 Ljubljana


October 17th 2010 from 10.00 till 16.00.


Since this is the first time in Slovenia we will try to join as much an possible number of sellers. We are hopping to ger around 200 different exhibitors. Peopels can see there all type of things and animals from terraristic area of animals fans.


Adults: 6€

Children from 4 to 14 years old: 4€

Children under 4 years old: FREE!

Group of ten persons (announced in advance on our mail): 5€/person


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Breeders’ Expo changing date and location!!

Posted by Miqe on April 25, 2010

The following message is taken from the official site of Breeders Expo Europe:


Dears visitors of the Breeders’ Expo homepage!

So far many of you came to know the BEE as a show with pleasant atmosphere and lots of friendly service and cooperation. Unfortunately I must shift the show in Duesseldorf scheduled for the 1. Mai 2010 in date and location because the respective authorities in Duesseldorf not only make it impossible to keep this tradition alive, but the constraints issued two days ago also make the show impossible looking at any aspect of common sense, economy, and also aspects of animal welfare. To hold the show despite of these constraints would mean substantial legal conflicts.

The Duesseldorf public order office has taken all measures to stop the BEE – apparently backed by the Duesseldorf political regime. In a first step the permission for the BEE unlawfully wasn’t granted. After a painful and complete defeat at the Duesseldorf administrative court the authority had to accept they must issue the permission, and as a last desperate attempt has issued these constrains which, according to veterinarians, my lawyer, some vendors and others show the following attributes:

• partly they are simply unusual for events like this and show all signs of harassment without any functional background
• partly they have no juristical fundament
• partly they contradict themselves
• partly they are simply non-dischargeable, and of course not in the narrow time frame given by the show date and some deadlines set by the authority
• partly they contradict nationally and internationally accepted and proven knowledge of practical animal welfare
• partly they reduce animal welfare aspects to absurdity
• partly they cover aspects which are simply not in my responsibility as an organizer, partly I’m not even allowed to cover these aspects
• partly they unlawfully restrict the type and extent of the show

Since the respective veterinarian for the show indicated on the phone that he’s not willing to discuss content-related aspects with me, it appears absolutely useless to convince him with arguments and facts. Obviously this was never a question of animal welfare but still is a question of rendering the show impossible via constraints and this way to find a legitimation for the unlawful behaviour which was determined by the administrative court. Any productive collaboration is made completely impossible on such a fundament.

I will possibly announce further information on the BEE homepage, further juristical steps seem possible. Due to the narrow time frame another summary proceeding at the administrative court is not promising.

I deeply regret this decision and would like to send you my apologies for any possible inconvenience you might have to face even though I am not responsible. To hold the show despite this situation would most probably mean to confront visitors and vendors with severe dangers and problems. Thanks for your cooperation.

Lutz Obelgönner

<!–Go here to get our newsletter for latest updates …
Go to online booking
Open for visitors: entrance from 9 to 15 hours, exhibition areas from 10 am
Open for vendors: from 6 am
Adress: Philipshalle, Siegburger Straße 51, D-40591 Düsseldorf-Oberbilk,
Accomodation: To book hotels please make use of this link and the online booking form of the city of Duesseldorf.

13. April 2010: Since his own show mid of March the organizer of another reptile show spreads the information that the BEE will not take place due to a missing permit from the City of Duesseldorf. So far I didn’t reply to this. Today I’d like to share the following facts:

1. The City of Duesseldorf indeed has refused the permit.
2. I find it quite puzzling that he, my competitor, of all people spreads the information about this decision. This allows interesting conclusions, I leave it up to you to draw them.
3. On my objection the administrative court of Duesseldorf today has decided that the respective authority has acted unlawfully and arbitrarily. The authority must issue the permit for the BEE.

In short: The BEE will take place. Details about the above mentioned court process will be kept under cover since I like to install a working cooperation between the authorities and the BEE in the future.

Link to Breeders Expo Europe

Link to a form that will allow you to order the newsletter.

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Save The Frogs Day – April 30th, 2010

Posted by Miqe on March 8, 2010

In an effort to raise awareness of the plight of amphibians, the scientific community has declared Friday April 30th, 2010 the 2nd Annual ‘Save The Frogs Day‘. On this day we encourage the appreciation and celebration of amphibians by people from all walks of life.

Gladiator Frog Hypsiboas rosenbergi

Please get involved and help spread the word! Only a small proportion of our public is aware that frogs are disappearing, and amphibian conservation efforts will not be successful with an uninformed public. Our goal is to make the amphibian extinction crisis common knowledge by Save The Frogs Day: help make it happen!

Keep informed!

Please join the SAVE THE FROGS! mailing list so that we can keep you informed of important Save The Frogs Day news and events.


Dendropsophus ebraccataSave The Frogs Day is a perfect time for teachers and students to learn about amphibian extinctions and discuss ways that we can all contribute to amphibian conservation efforts. Please get your students involved in Save The Frogs Day activities, and be creative!

If you have any type of frog-related class or event planned, please be sure to REGISTER YOUR EVENT.

Let us know if you have any interesting lesson plans we should add to this page, and please add your thoughts to the Teachers section of the FrogForum. Inform your fellow teachers of the day, and be sure to check out the Teachers For Frogs page for more ideas.

General Lesson Plan

The key points that all teachers should mention in their classes this Save The Frogs Day are:

(1) Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet, and are rapidly going extinct. Nearly one-third of the world’s 6,450 amphibian species are in danger of extinction and up to 200 species have completely disappeared in the last 30 years.

(2) Frogs are important to the ecosystem and to humans. See our Why Frogs page for more information.

Ranitomeya minuta(3) The primary threats to frogs are habitat destruction; pollution and pesticides; climate change; infectious diseases spread by human activity; over-harvesting for the pet and food trades; and invasive species such as introduced trout, crayfish and non-native amphibians.

(4) Students can help save frogs. Please visit our How to Help page for more information.

Dendropsophus microcephala(5) All participating classes should make a Save The Frogs Day banner, and then email us a picture of all the students holding up the banner. We will be making a collection of all these photographs from around the world. Then hang the banner in your school as a permanent reminder of Save The Frogs Day and as a call to action for all of the school’s students.

Need a PowerPoint?

We have several PowerPoint presentations you can download or embed on your webpage. Have a look.

Art Teachers

Frog ArtGet your class involved in the 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest. There are cash prizes and students really enjoy this!

English & Writing Teachers

Get your class involved in the 2nd Annual Frog Poetry Contest and/or the 1st Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Essay Contest. Have each student write a Letter to the Editor of a local, state or national paper or magazine, discussing frog extinctions and Save The Frogs Day.

Biology Teachers

Discuss frog biology, natural history, reasons for the current mass extinction crisis and what can be done about it. Have your students investigate and write a short summary of the amphibian species in the area. Take a field trip to search for tadpoles. If you have permits/permission, you may want to collect some NATIVE tadpoles and begin raising them with your class on Save The Frogs Day, to be released at the pond from which they were collected at a later date (be sure someone can care for them until that point!). Perform a virtual frog dissection using computer software.

Does your school have a policy on dissections? The trade and transport of frogs for dissections is a likely contributor to the spread of infectious diseases, and in some regions contributes to the depletion of wild frog populations. Have your students write up an official statement requesting the school Principal or Board of Supervisors allow only virtual frog dissections in their school district.

Film Teachers

Have your students film any of the other Save The Frogs Day events happening at your school. Then have them upload their Save The Frogs Day videos to YouTube, to get the word out about amphibian extinctions and SAVE THE FROGS!. And please send us your school’s best video!

Save frogs - Leah KlehnPhilosophy and Ethics Teachers

Have your classes discuss the ethical implications of amphibian extinctions.

History Teachers

Discuss the history of the environmental movement.

Math Teachers

Use frogs in all your example problems; e.g. If 1% of the 100 million amphibians that are transported around the world for use as food, pets, bait, and lab subjects each year are infected with chytrid fungus, and 1% of these infected frogs are set free, escape into the wild, or have the water in which they were held set loose into the environment, and 1% of the native populations that are exposed are driven to extinction, how many amphibian populations likely succumb to chytrid each year? Now make it 5%, 10%, etc. Then have them read this paper (at least the abstract!).

Music Teachers

Set up a Battle of the Bands benefit concert at your school that day. Have the winning band take half the earnings, and donate the other half to SAVE THE FROGS!. Write frog songs, videotape them and YouTube them.

Hold a fundraiser

Please have your students hold a fundraiser for SAVE THE FROGS’ amphibian conservation efforts. Students will learn valuable business skills, feel good about their accomplishments, and help Save The Frogs do what we do best: SAVE THE FROGS!

Give them some reading material

Have your students read The Story of SAVE THE FROGS! and surf the website.

Watch a video

Watch Allison Argo’s excellent documentary The Thin Green Line. You can order the DVD here.

Design signs for local waterbodies

Is there a local waterbody in your town that has amphibians? Probably. Here is a great group project: have the students design educational signage to place at the waterbodies of local parks. The signs should include the name of the waterbody; pictures and/or drawings of the amphibians found there (the park administer likely has this info), as well as a few lines about each species; a few lines describing the amphibian extinction crisis, the importance of amphibians, and ways people can help; and finally, be sure to mention that the sign was created by the students of your school in celebration of this year’s Save The Frogs Day. Then have the students contact the local government and have their sign turned into a reality!

Build a frog pond behind your school

What better way to get kids interested in frogs than to have them build a frog pond behind their school on Save The Frogs Day? Their efforts will be rewarded when they see the first clutch of eggs in the pond, and when the first tadpoles metamorphose and crawl out of the pond! The Sage website has some great pond building tips, and so does TreeWalker’s Operation Frog Pond page.

Get politically active!

All participating classes should have students write, sign and address a letter to their Governor or one of their Congressmen, stating:

(A) Frogs are rapidly disappearing worldwide;
(B) They took part in Save The Frogs Day activities;
(C) At least one reason frogs are important; and
(D) At least one step the politician should take to help frog populations.

Don’t worry, we’ll be adding a form letter to this page that will make the letter-writing easy! You just have to provide your students with the names and addresses of the relevant politician(s), and then collect and mail the letters. Finally, be sure to report back to us and let us know how many letters you sent!

Have your students get the word out

Our Spread The Word page has informational flyers you and your students can post around school and town.

All teachers please do this…

Whatever you decide to do, please be sure have fun, and please REGISTER YOUR EVENT!


Frog Day - Leah KlehnPlease tell your teachers about Save The Frogs Day and refer them to this page. Print this flyer and deliver it to your teachers. Get your classes involved in the 1st Annual Frog Art Contest and 1st Annual Frog Poetry Contest.

Ask your teachers for permission to set up a SAVE THE FROGS! informational table in the school hallway this April 30th. We can provide you with informational flyers to hand out, and you can help raise money for SAVE THE FROGS!. Be sure to contact us if you are able to set up a table.

Have a school newspaper? If so, you can write a short article for the paper announcing Save The Frogs Day. Give a 5-minute talk on frog extinctions to your class (ask your teacher permission well in advance and they will likely grant you permission). If you are a university student, see if you can give a frog presentation to K-12 students at a local school. If you are a K-12 student, see if you can give a short presentation on frogs to students a grade or two below you. Have a look at our Spread The Word page, our Students for Frogs page, and add your thoughts to the Students section of the FrogForum. Also, read through the Teachers section on this page.

Whatever you decide to do, please be sure to Register Your Event. And have fun!


It is our duty as scientists to protect amphibian populations, and this will not be possible unless we rapidly and successfully educate the public about the amphibian extinction crisis.

Can you devote a few hours on April 30th towards educating the public about the amphibian extinction crisis?

Please help us make Save The Frogs Day a huge success by giving a public lecture on amphibians at a local school, museum, zoo, aquarium or community group on April 30th, 2010 (or any time in that general timeframe). It’s great publicity, its a great way to spread the word about amphibian declines, and it is guaranteed to get students interested in batrachology and environmental conservation. Feel free to use one of our freely downloadable PowerPoint presentations. And be sure to register your event! We need to track what is happening!

An incredibly small proportion of the public is aware that amphibians are in trouble, and we all have a vested interest in changing this unfortunate situation:

(1) An environmentally conscious society attempts to care for versus destroy the environment, and thus by educating the public regarding environmental issues we will help to ensure that our current hard work will not be laid to waste by the environmentally-destructive actions of future generations.

(2) Increasing students’ interest in batrachology will mean a larger pool of potential graduate students for you to choose from, and thus higher quality researchers working in your lab.

(3) Issues that are engrained in the public’s consciousness receive more monetary funding from governments, private foundations, and average citizens, and we all depend on this financial support.

If you are affiliated with a herpetological society, please have your group send a Save The Frogs Day announcement to all of its members. Add the Save The Frogs Day icon at the top of this page to your personal or professional website and that of your society. Post the Save The Frogs Day flyer up at your place of work. Have your motivated students contact us about volunteer opportunities.


Your business can help SAVE THE FROGS! Whether its becoming an official sponsor of Save The Frogs Day, or holding a Save The Fogs Day sale and offering a portion of the proceeds to SAVE THE FROGS, our Businesses For Frogs page has lots of ideas on how your business can take part in Save The Frogs Day activities. Be creative: helping the frogs can be serve as valuable positive PR for your company!


Benefit Concerts

Save The Frogs Day - photo credit unknownIf you are a concert promoter, band manager, or if you are a musician, you are in a perfect position to help SAVE THE FROGS!. If you already have a gig scheduled on April 30th, perfect…make it a Save The Frogs Day benefit concert! Benefit concerts are one of the best ways to raise money for frog conservation and promote awareness of frog extinctions (not to mention have a good time!). Plus the concert will provide your band with excellent positive publicity!

If you set up a Save The Frogs Day Benefit Concert, we’ll list it in the Events section of this page. We can provide educational materials for you to distribute, or we may be able to host a SAVE THE FROGS! informational table at the venue. Please see our Musicians for Frogs page and contact us for more information. Rock out for the frogs!

Live Lectures

Batrachologists worldwide will be giving live presentations on frogs and frog extinctions at local schools, museums, zoos and community groups. Talks on the 1st Annual Save The Frogs Day took place in the USA, Canada, Italy, China, India, Croatia, Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Portugal, Switzerland, Madagascar…and this year will be more extensive. We’ll soon post a list of all lectures locations and times.

SAVE THE FROGS! 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest

We encourage all art teachers to get their classes involved in the 2nd Annual Frog Art Contest this Save The Frogs Day.

SAVE THE FROGS! 2nd Annual Frog Poetry Contest

Save The Frogs Day - April 28th - Leah KlehnLooking for a great way to get your English or Writing class involved in Save The Frogs Day activities? Please have them take part in the 2nd Annual Frog Poetry Contest. There are cash prizes!

Save The Frogs Day Poster

In commemoration of the 1st Annual Save The Frogs Day, we present this limited edition 18×24″ print featuring artwork by SAVE THE FROGS! Art Director Ms. Leah Klehn (the 1st Lady of Frog Art).

Can you help us make Save The Frogs Day wildly successful by donating $15? We’ll send you this fantastic poster plus a free bumper sticker if you do!

Save The Frogs Day Poster

Spread The Word

We need Save The Frogs Day to be more popular than Thanksgiving!!! Please do your part:

(1) Email your friends and tell them that Save The Frogs Day is April 30th, 2010:

Save The Frogs Day icon(2) Put a note up on your website and add a link to this page. Use the Save The Frogs Day icon at the top of this page, or the one right here–>

(3) If you use Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, make the icon to your right your profile picture. Just right click and choose “Save Picture As”.

(4) Please see our Spread The Word page and be creative!

(5) You probably email 100+ people per week. Please make an automated signature for your email. Just go to your mail options or settings and there should be a place to set up the automated signature. Have it say this:
Save The Frogs Day – April 30th, 2010

(6) Put this flyer up at your school, workplace, or anywhere else. Just left-click on the flyer and a PDF will open in a separate window. Try to print them in color if possible!

Save The Frogs Day 2010 Flyer

Official Declaration of Save The Frogs Day

We would like to thank Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia for officially recognizing Save The Frogs Day. We also thank Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver, British Columbia who has declared April 28th, 2009 Save The Frogs Day in Vancouver; and Chairman Corey Stewart who declared April 28th, 2009 as Save The Frogs Day in Prince William County, VA; and Mayor Harry Parrish who declared April 28th, 2009 as Save The Frogs Day in Manassas, VA.

Tim Kaine Frogs

By virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution in the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is hereby officially recognized:


WHEREAS, amphibians are in considerable peril here in Virginia, and nearly one-third of the world’s 6,468 amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have completely disappeared since 1979, and thus amphibians are the most threatened group of animals on Earth; and

WHEREAS, amphibians are critical components to our ecosystems, especially the Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea) in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and because amphibians provide ecosystem services to nature and to humans including (1) cleaning waterways by eating algae during their tadpole stage; (2) serving as a vital source of food to dragonflies, birds, fish, and reptiles, (3) consuming large quantities of ticks, mosquitoes and other pest species that serve as disease vectors that can transmit fatal illnesses to humans; and

WHEREAS,approximately 10% of Nobel prizes in physiology and medicine have resulted from investigations that used amphibians, and because when an amphibian species disappears, so does any promise it holds for improving human medicine; and

WHEREAS, amphibians face a multitude of threats including pollution, pesticides, habitat destruction, climate change, invasive species, infectious diseases (the spread of which are facilitated by human activities), and over-harvesting for the pet, food and bait trades; and

WHEREAS, we believe in the right of children to see, hear and catch amphibians in their native habitat, and amphibian conservation efforts will not be successful without an educated and informed public;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Timothy M. Kaine do hereby recognize April 28th, 2009 as SAVE THE FROGS DAY in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.

Vancouver Save The Frogs Day

Help get Save The Frogs Day recognized in your state

Please left-click on the picture below to get a PDF of a petition sheet you can print out and use to collect signatures, which we will send in when we ask your governor/mayor to legally recognize Save The Frogs Day. These signatures will help convey to your politicians the importance of amphibian conservation. Further, by collecting these signatures, you’ll be spreading the word every time you talk to someone about Save The Frogs Day.

Save The Frogs Day Petition


If your business or organization would like to be an Official Sponsor of Save The Frogs Day, please contact us. Your support will be invaluable to the success of Save The Frogs Day, and we will see to it that you get the positive publicity you deserve, including listing your company’s name and logo right here on

Please donate to help SAVE THE FROGS!

Donate Save FrogsYour tax-deductible contribution will prevent amphibian extinctions through environmental education, scientific research, legal defense, and through the acquisition of critical amphibian habitat.

Thanks for your support…Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

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